Wei Jia

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Video of Artist & Curator Talk: "Cursive Script, Color, and Collage: The Art of Wei Jia"

April 3, 2015 - NanHai Art

Curator of this exhibition Robert C. Morgan lead a discussion with artist Wei Jia, and art consultant Michelle Y. Loh on the artist's unique approach in his work.


Review from Asian Art News

March 30, 2015 - Michelle Y. Loh

The influence of contemporary art practices on Chinese ink traditon and the place of this tradition within the context of a historical paradigm is an on-going subject of discourse. The exhibition enttle Cursive Script, Color, and Collage: The Art of Wei Jia, curated by Robert C. Morgan, offers and insightful and refreshing perspective. 


“韦佳:抒写 色彩 拼贴”美国南海艺术中心举行

March 20, 2015 - 艺术中国

美国南海艺术中心于2015年2月21日至3月28日举办“韦佳: 抒写 色彩 拼贴”艺术展, 展出韦佳近作14幅。 此次展览是这位成长于北京、生活在纽约的艺术家在美国西岸的首次个展。 展览开幕酒会于2月21日下午2时举行,由独立艺术顾问Michelle Y. Loh女士主持,本次展览的特邀策展人Robert C. Morgan 教授与韦佳展开艺术对话。

wei jia

Wei Jia at NanHai Art

February 21, 2015 - Kolaj Magazine

“Cursive Script, Color, and Collage: The Art of Wei Jia” is a solo exhibition of 14 paintings and works on paper, including 5 new mixed-media works being shown for the first time.